Actors, actresses, musicians, models - a lot of very stupid, and not very poignant tributes to people I admire, enjoy watching, or just enjoy looking at. Also my favourite games and books. Anyone who knows me will know I hate reading books, but if they are about music or films that I like they do stand a chance. Or a nice simple bit of comedy. I am updating the pictures at this time, as some are looking a bit haggard, or I didn't upload ones of a decent size.

Johnny Knoxville

Roger Moore

A legend. I half thought about either driving to Oxford to meet him on his book signing tour last year, or even flying to New York for the same reason. Madness.

Harry Hill

Harry really needs to go back on tour for the benefit of his fans. TV Burp is great but I am eager to see him live for the first time. It might wash away the bitter memories I have of Bill Bailey live (yes I know he is supposed to be brilliant, I think I saw him on an off-night).

(with his cat, Stouffer)

(Harry's son Gary, from his first marriage)

John Cleese

Billy Connolly

Jimmy Carr

Probably my favourite comedian, have seen him live 6 times I think it is. Met him four times after his gigs, I feel like I can call him a friend, though his lawyers don't really agree.

Jack Dee

Thierry Henry

Easily one of the most gifted, naturally talented footballers the world has ever seen.

Liv Tyler

Kelly Brook

This is both the sexiest and the luckiest bit of blue material in the world.

Michelle Ryan

Keeley Hazell

Eva Green

Andrea Corr

Angelina Jolie

Sophie Howard

Michelle Marsh

Lucy Pinder

Famke Janssen

Lisa Snowdon

Denise Richards

Heidi Range (Sugababes)

Nigella Lawson

Pixie Lott

Kitty Lea

Katy Perry

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2 2001)

How great is this game? Any game where you can walk up to a crowd and then flame them is just genius. Sick individuals that made it, sick individuals that played it. Burn, baby, burn.

Goldeneye (N64 1997)

Resident Evil (PS1 1996)

The Glamour Chase (1998) - Tom Doyle

The Twits (1980) -Roald Dahl

Tim The Tiny Horse (2006) - Harry Hill

How Black Was Our Sabbath (2004) - David Tangye and Graham Wright

The scanned item below is from an advert I found in an old copy of the Perthshire Advertiser dated Friday 5th April 2002.

It is nearly a decade old, but sometimes the passage of time cannot diminish the strongest human feelings. I think that is probably true of this advert.


Everyone in life has their ups and downs. Sometimes a particular day of the week can be rotten, and bad things can keep on happening on that day. For me, that day is Thursday. Damn you, Thursday.

Back in 2004 I had a couple of really bad Thursdays, and they were actually 6 months apart. Now I have just had another bad Thursday here in 2012 and I am not sure what to do about it. I know what I have been told not to do, and I know I should respect that. Without meaning any disrespect, in the past I have kind of ignored that advice after careful consideration because I had things I wanted to say. For the moment, I am putting this message here because my heart is telling me to.

For now, I would just like to endorse one particular company which makes aftershave.

If I am Hugo, then I need to say that I still love Boss xxx


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sometimes you work with people who really influence you and have a massive impact on your life. I once worked with someone so special it would take a thousand words just to begin to describe how truly special they were. Despite this, that person doesn't actually realise how wonderful a person they still are. That person was my Boss, and I heard from them (very early) this morning for the first time in a while, and it really made my day. I hadn't expected to hear from them ever again, but I loved it, even though I was 91% asleep and it woke me up. Yeah, it made my day. And, going back to the first sentence, I suppose today is my day.

In life you never know what will happen next, what will happen in the future. Some things are worth holding on to, and that includes hope. You've always got to have hope. I do.

Best wishes and lots of love to anyone reading this xxx


Not put anything on here in quite a while I now see, but as it turns out I have been thinking about special people a lot for the past 6 months. Never, ever far from my thoughts every day.

Back in the day, apart from regularly telling them how beautiful they always looked, I did not want to embarrass her so I used to look that person in the eyes and simply say, "Three words" (and then said her name).

A very simple message, but boy, I meant it. Nothing ever looks so good when you text or email, so I loved being able to say that sort of thing live, in person, and in the right moment. I wasn't frightened to have those words leave my lips, and I could see how much it meant for that person to hear them. I heard the same words back and I was deeply in love. I thought of myself as a hopeless old romantic. They just thought of me as old! Anyway, you shouldn't really think of yourself as romantic, unless your other half says or confirms it. I think I was, I wanted to treat her like nobody ever had before, like love was new. It will sound very cheesy, but when I was with her she electrified and energised me. She thrilled me and all I could do was my absolute best to give her back what she was giving me.

Back then I said or did something silly a few times over a long period. We are talking between 2001 and 2004 here. Usually quite small things in the grand scheme of things, but I always said sorry and meant it. I wanted to be forgiven and to be able to move on. In 2011 and 2012 I again said or did a couple of silly things. Again I've said sorry and meant it. Does saying 'sorry' always get you out of anything? No. Of course it shouldn't. But when you love someone and they love you back, you get back on track when it is something you both care about and value. At this moment nothing is happening and I hope that person is at peace with me - I always pay for my sins and hopefully they see that what they are left with after the apology and after the dust settles, are the good memories. Maybe one day things will be set right in the stars and fate will do the right thing. I am not against that whatsoever...I still believe, and I hold on to hope...

Today is another special day for the Boss. I can't be with her on this day, but I do send my best wishes and I will be thinking of her. Just for her, I have put some photos below which she might like. She might just wish she was in one of the photos, so she may want to see what number the file number is saved as for that one. If she will be Marta Cecchetto, I'm up for being Luca - as she put it - to remember happier times at the ice cream van! I would certainly need to put in a few months hard graft down at the gym, working up a sweat! Would be such a fun, private photoshoot with her, no doubt!

A very happy 32nd birthday Boss xxx

Love from Hugo xxx