The website†for the secret world of pidpads

Welcome to my website. This has been in the planning stages since 2000 when I first had a look at registering the web address I needed. Since then I have been extremely lazy in terms of registering it and building it, but then caught my eye one day and I decided that I should finally get it all up and running.

The big news is that, after nearly 6 long years, through Ebay I finally secured the Leeds festival ticket from 2006 that I was desperate to get! Only £2 as well! Happy times. One more to go now - the Adam Ant gig from Dundee in 2011...

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†if you feel especially bored or are having trouble sleeping, you can also locate me at:

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**Not all sections are up and running at this time (September 2013) but I am slowly working through each of them. Still have tonnes of photos to upload for you to see, and I have at last finished scanning in every ticket from every gig I have been to (with one notable exception - the Adam Ant gig in Dundee last year). Then I have a bunch of links to sort out. I am grateful that mrsite is pretty easy to operate, part of the thing holding me back since 2000 has been knowing how much work I would have to put in to get the website to a decent level, something I could be happy with. It just means that when I eventually go underneath a truck there is some kind of record of my existence, at least in terms of the things I liked and cherished whilst I was down here.**